5 Ways to Fit Family Time Into Your Busy Schedule

Everyone seems to be so busy these days. Juggling work, house cleaning, kid’s schedules, and other responsibilities can take over your lives and make you feel like you aren’t spending enough quality time with your family. [bctt tweet=”Spending time with your family is necessary to make and keep strong connections and needs to be a part of your daily life.” username=”MeatingPlaceBBQ”]

Creating Family Time

Finding balance in life between everything you have to juggle doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are five easy ways to fit family time into your busy schedule.

1) Plan Family Time

One thing is for sure–if you don’t plan family time, it most likely won’t happen! Make sure to schedule time together and put it on your calendar. Try to schedule it in advance to give everyone time to take off or make other arrangements. Write it down on your to-do list or in your day-planner to make sure you don’t forget or accidentally schedule over it.

2) Weekly Family Dinners

The best way to fit family time into your busy schedule is to make sure you and your family share dinner (or other meals) together. Mealtime is perfect for talking about what is happening in each other’s worlds and gives you a chance to work together to come up with creative meals or themed dinner nights. Catering (like with some delicious barbecue) also makes dinner night easier! Pick up some food so you don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning up the dishes afterward.

3) Get Your Kids Involved

Getting your kids involved in your daily activities is another way to squeeze in some quality family time! Let them help with chores, yard work, or a craft project. Invent a family clean-up game, or race each other to see who can put their clothes away fastest. There is no reason they should be glued to the television instead of helping and hanging out with their family and working together.

4) Create a New Tradition

You don’t have to wait around for a holiday or birthday to share in a tradition. It can be fun and bring you altogether by creating a new family tradition! Maybe a once a month hiking trip or dinner out at your favorite barbecue restaurant. Make sure everyone is there to participate and make sure that you are all disconnected from the internet and connected to each other.

5) Stop Being a Perfectionist

A lot of times, being a perfectionist can cause us to spend less time with our loved ones. The housework and chores can wait and will be there for you after you’ve spent time with your family. So, if the carpets need vacuuming or if there is still laundry to be folded, don’t sweat it! You can do it later, or as mentioned above, get help and do it together!

Take Time for Family Time

We all need to make sure we spend quality time with our family.  No matter how busy you are, you can always find and make time if you plan ahead, stop being a perfectionist and get the whole family involved in the work around the house.
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