7 Tips For Hosting a Memorable Summer Party

With summer comes longer days, making it the perfect time to entertain! There is nothing better than getting together with family and loved ones and making memories. From birthday parties, Fourth of July celebrations, baby showers, or just to have a bunch of friends over, there are plenty of excuses to have a party!  It’s easy to host a memorable summer party, but the first step is to plan in advance.  [bctt tweet=”Don’t forget that the whole point of hosting a memorable summer party is to have fun! ” via=”no”]

Plan A Summer Party

Hosting a party can be daunting, between providing food, drinks, entertainment, and decor. The party’s at your place, but there is no need to worry! To guarantee your party goes smoothly and everyone has a memorable time, it is essential to plan in advance.  Make sure your party goes perfectly by following these seven top tips:

1) The Guest List

What is a party without guests? Decide on how many and who you want to attend your summer party. Consider the type of party you are having and think about who would be the ideal attendant. Once you get your guest list together, invite them, and get them involved in the party planning, too! Make sure to have your guests R.S.V.P. so you can know exactly how many will be attending to ensure enough seating, food, and activities for all who come.

2) The Right Space

Once you know how many party guests you have, it is time to plan where you will put everyone. Make sure there is enough comfortable seating and table space for everyone. Utilize patio furniture, and also bring some inside furniture out. Dining chairs and tables can be easily transported, or think about renting table and seating at a local party rental store. Consider an alternative place to eat and converse–just in case the party is rained on.

3) Think About Themes

Make your summer party more memorable by having a central theme or color scheme. Use this theme to plan your decor, adding colorful flowers, pillows, and other party decorations. Choose party appropriate themes like monochromatic pinks and fresh flowers for a baby shower, or all red, white, and blue for a Fourth of July shindig. Incorporate these themes into table setting, for a seamlessly festive look, and don’t forget to add music that works well with your chosen theme.

4) An Enjoyable Feast

Food is one of the most important parts of throwing a memorable summer party! Having your party catered is the perfect way to save you time and hassle so you can enjoy the party with your guests. Consider barbeque catering with savory barbeque choices like brisket, sausage, or ribs, as well as scrumptious side items like potato salad, green beans, and coleslaw. And, don’t forget dessert! People love pies, cookies, and tarts after their delicious meal!

5) Keep the Bugs at Bay

It’s hard to enjoy yourself when mosquitoes and other insects are buzzing about. Before your guests arrive, make sure there is no standing water in your yard by emptying rain gutters, and any other places water has collected. Plug in some fans to create airflow to keep the mosquitoes away. Also, instead of smelly foggers and sprays, offer guests bug wipes or toilettes to keep the pesky bugs off them.

6) Keep the Kids Busy

It is hard for adults to enjoy themselves when their kiddos are bored and bothering them. Make sure to have plenty of entertainment for children attending the party. To keep them occupied and having fun, set up sprinklers or a slip-n-slide, have yard games available, or even buy some cheap, disposable cameras and let the kids be the evening’s photographers.

7) Light the Night

Don’t forget lighting! You don’t want to be enjoying yourself and have to stop because everyone is sitting in the dark! Hang string lights on your deck or party area, or place hurricane or tea lights around the tables.

Enjoy Yourself

And, the main factor in throwing a memorable summer party–enjoy yourself! If you, the host/ess isn’t having a good time, chances are your guests won’t either. Make the rounds and take a moment to chat with each of your guests. Don’t worry too much. If you have properly planned all the details will fall into place and you won’t have to be concerned about a thing.

Memorable Summer Party

Hosting a memorable summer party is easy when you properly plan in advance! By following the above tips, you can be sure your party will be one no one forgets!

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