Easy Tips for Hosting a Party to Remember

Hosting a party can be stressful, with the pressure to provide a fabulous event.  Take a deep breath and remember to keep it simple. You don’t need to go over the top or plan a detailed itinerary of activities. Ask yourself what your favorite party was.  Chances are it was filled with laughter, good friends, good food and plenty of conversation.  

Make It About Your Guests

As the host, a party is less about the occasion and more about hospitality.  Let the guests worry about buying the perfect birthday or housewarming gift, while you focus on creating a fun, memorable party.  They will come to celebrate with you, but it’s your job to make their attendance worthwhile.


Food is arguably the most important aspect of your party. A lot of party fouls can be forgiven, but bad food can ruin your party. Consider universally loved food, like local barbeque.  Barbecue catering services from a reputable local joint can leave a lasting impression on guests.Better still, full-service catering will bring the food, set up, serve and clean.  They take care of all the food service while you relax and enjoy the party!

Activities & Games

There’s nothing worse than a boring party, full of people slowly milling around your living room. This is especially true if the guests don’t all know each other. Silence is a sure sign that your party has fallen flat.  Keep things lively with fun games, activities for kids and background music to add to the atmosphere. Make sure there are several different areas, both inside and out, so no one is stuck in one room.  For example, have a ping pong table in the den, pool games outside and a quieter area for conversations on the patio.

Backup Plan

Having a backup plan is never a bad idea when planning a party. Maybe you wanted an outdoor pool party, but the weather turns rainy. Having a backup ensures that the show can go on, and still be fun.  

Put Valuables Away

Putting valuables away is important, not only to keep your property safe but to avoid awkward situations. For example, if you leave a priceless vase sitting on the coffee table, imagine what would happen if it was accidentally broken by a guest. They would feel terrible, you would be upset, and everyone would be uncomfortable.  

Hosting a Party  

A truly successful party doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive.  Focus on making your guests feel comfortable and relaxed, and provide great food for everyone.  You’ll often find that with true friends, the rest takes care of itself.

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