Top 3 Texas-Style Southern BBQ Dishes

Smokers with a gas-assist function have gained popularity in some chain restaurants, but most masters still do it the old-fashioned way; A hardwood fire that slowly smokes the meat to perfection. The result is the most flavorful, juicy cuts of meat imaginable. But the best daily BBQ specials wouldn’t be complete without sides! Southern BBQ is complemented with staples like mac n’ cheese, coleslaw and baked beans.

Texas-Style Southern BBQ

When people use the term “Texas barbecue” it usually refers to the Texas-style of cooking meat low and slow over indirect heat fueled by wood smoke. The result is tender, juicy brisket, ribs, pulled pork and chicken. There are several unique dishes made with Texas barbecue. Here are a few:

Baked Potato

The baked potato most people are imagining right now is a standard potato with butter and salt. In Texas, a baked potato is loaded with cheese, meat, sauce, sour cream, butter, bacon and more. This is definitely not your mom’s baked potato!

Frito Pie

If you’re not from the south, you might not know what a Frito pie is. Generally speaking, Frito pies consists of Fritos chips topped with chili or meat, cheese, onions, chives and sour cream.  There have been a lot of variations on this dish, but this basic premise is the original.

BBQ Taco

In true Tex-Mex form, the bbq taco holds a soft place in the hearts of Texans everywhere. Easy to eat on the go and incredibly filling, the BBQ taco takes a standard taco and amps the taste factor with tender smoked meat. Add some jalapenos for an extra kick.

BBQ Classic

Of course, the beauty of Texas-style barbecue is that it’s delicious in any form. Pile some on simple white bread with onions, pickles, and barbecue sauce and enjoy the smoky, sweet and tangy flavors. Take an afternoon to savor one of these unique dishes or cater your next event with authentic Texas BBQ.

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