About Us

The Meating Place

The Meating Place is a brand new local barbecue restaurant in Magnolia, Texas. Although the concept is new, the flavor has been perfected over many years. At the Meating Place BBQ, we believe barbecue is at its best when all of the powerful flavors combine and harmonize.

The secret lies first in the quality and freshness of the meat we select. Our brisket is only the best certified Black Angus (CAB) prime cuts available (and we do send some back!) It’s then influenced with our care in preparation, the rubs we use, and the time that it spends in our patented pit called the 360 Smoker – that we’ve built ourselves. We match the right cut of meat with the right rub, wood, smoke, and sauce.

Our Story

Longtime Magnolia Resident, Owner and Chief Pitmaster Buddy Adams has been barbecuing his entire life, ever since he was old enough to light a match and split oak. The public first got a taste of his extraordinary barbecue when he opened his first barbecue restaurant (BABBQ) in this same location in the 90s.

While unforeseen circumstances led to the closing of BABBQ, Adams always saw himself opening another barbecue restaurant in his hometown. When the opportunity arose to purchase a building previously used as a classroom by Bear Branch School Campus off 2978, he knew his moment had arrived. The Meating Place BBQ opened its doors on July 7, 2017.  

Buddy’s many years of experience are evident to each customer who sinks their teeth into a cut of meat – whether brisket, pulled pork, ribs, beef ribs, chicken or sausage.  The Meating Place BBQ has quickly earned the title of Best Barbecue Restaurant in the area for those who regularly drive Hwy 249 between Magnolia and Tomball and has also become well-known to commuters traveling from places like Katy, Texas, and Louisiana.